SN 2001 Spring 2007 Upgrades

New and Improved...

Despite all the work that had been done when I first got the 2001, there was more to do. Following is documentation of the continuation of my project in spring 2007:

(See the full photo gallery here)

The first step was to upgrade the speakers... because 2 Wetsounds Pro-80's obviously just isn't enough.

To match the upgraded audio, I needed to rewire everything - EVERYthing. I upgraded the battery cables, added a third battery and rewired a majority of the audio/stereo system. Two batteries run in a bank for the main power supply (powered by a 55amp alternator) while the third is hooked up to a Perko 1/All/2/Off switch as a sole backup in case the main bank drains. I pulled out the isolator as the backup battery holds its charge and doesn't really need a feed from the alternator while running - simplified the wiring a lot.

Next, while the wetsanding job the previous summer made the boat look great, it was time to add some graphics. I didn't want to go with anything large, just simple and clean. I also wanted to match the TX numbers with the same domed lettering as the new '2001'.

Gator Grip provided traction on the trailer and a complete work-over on the teak brought it back to life. Five coats of teak oil/sealer and five passes of sanding made it shine! Additionally, I put a hot water shower by the swim deck for those cold winter runs - nice to be able to warm up while on the water!

The biggest task by far was the fully automatic ballast system. I drilled a hole in the transom and put a 1 1/4" Thru-Hull in, followed by an emergency cut-off valve on the inside.

I built the intake pump manifold out of 1 1/4" commercial nylon webbed tubing and three Attwood Tsunami 1200 gph pumps (that's right, the ability to pump 3600 gallons of water INTO the boat per hour!).

The next step was to run tubing behind the gas tank (had to pull it entirely out to do this) so it could reach all the sacs in the boat. Also, tubing was run from the drain pumps (same as above) to each sac back to the drain thru-hulls.

The final touch was a new iPod mount and the switches that control the automatic ballast. 3 switches fill/drain the three sacs independently for fine tuning the wake on the fly.

On the water, filled and ready to go... over 2000lbs. of weight = a perfect wake!